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bridging the gap between specialty retailers and breakout alternative brands

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We Are Amherst Brands

Amherst Brands is your gritty force multiplier for exponential growth in the alternative products industry. We amplify companies of all stages, supporting alternative wellness and recreation brands throughout their lifecycles.

Discover why industry insiders choose us for robust solutions and capitalize on our discreet team of skilled go-to-market professionals. As a professional sales advisory group and CPG market maker, we bridge the gap between specialized retailers and breakout brands, cultivating impactful connections that drive sales and innovation. With a strategic focus on brands on the brink of recognition, we guide you from potential to prominence. Join us in transforming potential into success.

“If You Know, You Know”


When you work with Amherst brands...

Engaging our team as your advisors will offer you valuable insights into your business and target market, many of which you might not have previously contemplated. This fresh perspective will allow you to view your company from a new vantage point, avoid making costly mistakes, and guide you to strategic paths that will align your brand to the optimal environment for execution and growth. Amherst Brands will help you recognize the paramount importance of strategic and independent sales channels within the market.

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Meet The Team

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Patrick Bauer

Head of Advisory


  • Executive Advisory
  • Product Development
  • Market Insights
  • Operational Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Brand Development
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Ben Grabow

Head of Sales


  • Executive Advisory
  • Sales Team Development
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Expansion Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Sales Enablement
  • Workout Scenarios
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Sebastien Siegels

Product Specialist


  • Product Development
  • Operational Strategy
  • Market Insights
  • Brand Development
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Sullivan Hope

Go-To-Market Specialist


  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Field Sales Strategy
  • Merchandising
  • Sell-Through Optimization

Some brands that have passed through our orbit..

Our Track Record

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Constantly Engaged with the retail community

Conversations with tens of thousands of different retail store buyers, managers, and owners have fortified our insights and our understanding of buying behavior and market trends.

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Vast Transaction execution Experience

Facilitating >10,000 transactions with numerous stores and organizations across diverse industries has honed our expertise in negotiation, deal closure and fulfillment execution.

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Trusted by More than 50 Brands

Since inception , we have engaged with 50+ brands and nurtured valuable relationships; we are committed to a deep understanding of how brands operate and grow.

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Pioneering Product launches to market

With our clients, we have championed the introduction of 1000+ products into the wholesale market, giving us a unique lens on how to successfully bring products to market.

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Acquire Market Share

maintain loyalty

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Our Expertise

Strategic Product Development

We guide you in curating product selections that resonate with both retail stores and end customers, ensuring your product selection is met with enthusiasm.

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Go-To-Market & Brand Expansion Strategy

Having executed numerous go-to-market strategies, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring your product launch is backed by a tried-and-true approach.

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Sales Team Development & Performance

We provide sales leaders/teams with valuable education, resources, and strategies to confidently operate and achieve remarkable sales outcomes.

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Brand Positioning Strategy

We help brands establish a strong market presence and nurture retail relationships, while instilling confidence in the trajectory and positioning of the brand.



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A-La-Carte Services


Experience the power of our versatile consulting service, a masterful blend of expertise from our Executive Advisory offering in an “a-la-carte” format. We're quick to grasp your needs, delivering invaluable advice with swift precision.

This hourly consultation packs a punch – our insights create monumental change in record time. Seamlessly aligned with our Executive Advisory prowess, we provide a solution that's swift, impactful, and tailored to your exact requirements.

Experience the difference with Amherst Brands – where connection breeds success.

“If you know, you know”

our Offices

Amherst Brands HQ

1526 14th Street

Santa Monica, CA


Amherst Brands - DTX

2215 Cedar Springs Rd.

Dallas, TX